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This activity was developed as a way for visitors to respond to emotionally charged issues presented by the artists in this exhibition. Visitors were invited to share how the work made them feel by leaving behind a colored bead that represented an emotion in a test tube at selected works of art. They were also able to see the reactions of others and view the work with a new perspective.

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It felt like a game. I had permission to decide what each piece meant; the power of meaning-making had flipped from artist to viewer.
— Elizabeth Charlotte Grant, Art in Love Blog

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What visitors had to say:

"The ability to describe the emotions experienced when viewing different pieces is an amazing learning tool." - Kirsten 

"What a cool way to experience art and get a 6 year old to actually look at and think about what it means to him." - Jen 

"A+ for interactivity and A+ for experiencing art communally by seeing how others react." - Patricia

"Such a cool way to make the viewer really interact with and think about how the piece affects them, on an emotional level." - Ivan

"My 3 yr old was able to identify work that made her angry, grumpy, sad, lovely, happy etc. She was so...engaged." - Sarah